Complete Confidence in Effective Sterilization with Wipe-Rite Pads

TectPageScientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have invented and patented Chromic Indication Sterile Wipes (CISW). These wipes change color when they have been used with the correct amount of pressure and the right length of time.

The invention can easily be incorporated into traditional alcohol or chlorhexidine wipes. This solves the problem of not knowing if the IV ports have been adequately sterilized. When wiping action is too fast, it allows bacteria, yeast, or fungi to enter the bloodstream and infect the patient. These central line-associated blood stream infections (CLABSIs) cause as many as 14,000 preventable deaths a year.

Wipe-Rite pads prevent patient sickness and death by insuring IV ports are thoroughly and completely cleansed of any biofilm that could contaminate the bloodstream.

Microencapsulated Dyes Give Visual Evidence

Our company will utilize the services of an outside subcontractor that has 70 years of experience in the development of microencapsulated systems for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. The microencapsulation system will be engineered to rupture during certain time and pressure conditions and the wipe will give healthcare professionals a visual indication of sterility.h_img_02

When the microcapsules rupture, they release a non-toxic, FDA approved dye into a paper. This paper is enclosed between thin polymer films. You can see it, but the dye can’t escape or come in contact with the patient or the IV port.

The capsules can be programed to rupture at any time between 5 and 30 seconds and with force between .5 and 30 PSI. So they can be designed for other uses where more or less pressure or time are needed to insure effective sterilization.

The Lamination Process

Using technology currently in place in the paper industry, the micro-particles of dye are laminated with paper and sealed between two thin polymer films.


The paper/dye/polymer film is then sandwiched between two non-woven gauze pads. Isopropyl alcohol and/or chlorhexidine infuse into the gauze pads provides sterilization. The approximately 3” pads are individually wrapped.

FDA Compliance

Wipe-Rite Technologies plans to develop an improved wipe product for hospitals and clinics containing 2% chlorhexidine gluconate and 70% isopropyl alcohol with our microencapsulated dye system for a visual proof of sterility. We will notify FDA of our intent to market this product at least 90 days in advance and submit a 510k to the agency. Approval can be granted within 90 days.

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