Hospitals and Doctors:
Reduce Malpractice Claims Save up to $1 Billion in un-reimbursed losses

MarketPage_01The CDC labels every central-line associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) as a “never event”- meaning it’s totally preventable. Four percent of medical malpractice claims stem from preventable CLASBSI’s with more than $1 billion spent annually in un-reimbursed costs plus substantially more in litigation fees.

Wipe-Rite wipes offer a simple, clear way to insure every IV port is completely sterile.

Prevention Means Money Saved and Peace of Mind
Wipe-Rite’s scientifically proven and effective technology can potentially save that entire amount. With the colored indicator in each sterilization pad, every clinician from the least trained to the most experienced can easily see when the IV hub port is properly sterilized.

Busy staff will not need to rely on instinct or an estimate of time and pressure to comply with the “scrub the hub” (STHP) protocol. Proper pressure and time are rewarded with visible dye on the gauze pad. The microencapsulated, FDA-approved dye lets clinicians know immediately the IV hub port is sterile.

Wipe-Rite wipes have the potential to reduce the number of CLABSIs to zero. The minor cost to place the dye laminate between gauze pads is more than offset by:

  • Reduced CLABSIs
  • Reduced costs for litigation and uninsured losses due to infection, patient re-admittance, and death
  • Increased patient health and satisfaction

Easy to Use

Wipe-Rite pads are easy to use. They look and feel very similar to current alcohol-infused gauze pads. Hospital and clinic staff will need minimal training to adapt to this new, safer, proven technology. Procedures need not change, except hospitals now insure the IV hub port has been properly sterilized.

Hospitals may find other places where “insured sanitation” or guaranteed sterilization will benefit both patients and their medical facility.

No other Technology offers Visual Proof of Sterilization!

MarketPage_02Wipe-Rite’s unique technology is poised to become a “must have” product in all healthcare locations. It is needed in acute care hospitals, skilled nursing homes, long-term acute care facilities, oncology centers, and at-home infusion centers.

Healthcare workers and infection control practitioners will demand this product because it will give them peace of mind and sterility assurance. These employees want to protect patients against life-threatening blood-borne diseases. They also want to avoid the more than $1 billion in un-insured losses and the high litigation costs associated with preventable infections.

Since the Wipe-Rite pads are a cleaning product with no direct patient contact, we will notify the FDA 90 days in advance with our intent to market this product. Therefore, FDA hurdles are expected to be streamlined.

Additionally, other sectors may want “assured sanitation” as proven by Wipe-Rite technologies. Once businesses and government agencies know there’s a way to prove sterilization, they may insist on its use in areas such as child care, food preparation, and janitorial industries. Parents and homeowners may also want the confidence of “assured sanitation.”

Research and Markets reports the global surface disinfectant market at $312.2 million in 2015. It predicts growth increasing to $542.6 million by 2020. The major drivers for this market include both growing surgical procedures and the increasing incidence of hospital-acquired infections. According to the CDC, healthcare-associated infections kill more people each year globally than car accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS, and cost the U.S. healthcare system an estimated $30-$45 billion each year.

Over 600 million disinfecting pads are used in the U.S. for disinfecting IV ports alone every year, including central, periphery and dialysis lines. Although the highest risk of mortality is associated with central-line associated blood stream infections, there are roughly 150 million periphery IV’s inserted in the U.S. every year representing a very large market opportunity for Wipe-Rite.

Wipe-Rite Technologies currently seeks investment funding to complete research and development before the product is ready for commercialization. Already costing of the raw materials has already been determined and several effective dye concepts are available.


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